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Editor: Susan Doyle   Rhode Island School of Design
Assistant Editor: Jaleen Grove   Independent Scholar
Assistant Editor: Whitney Sherman   Maryland Institute College of Art


The History of Illustration Project (HIP) was a remarkable grass-roots initiative, brought into being by interested individuals, formerly unacquainted with each other, in response to the long-voiced need for a textbook, in an effort to enhance the scholarship and study of illustration. The group's primary purpose was to produce an authoritative textbook and a web-based portal for enhanced research and collaboration. The process began in 2012 and culminated in February 2018 with the publication of History of Illustration.

The History of Illustration Project membership comprised post-secondary faculty teaching illustration and art history; scholars affiliated with several universities; important collectors, publishers, dealers; curators specializing in illustration art; as well as prominent practitioners with decades of experience. Participants included several published authors of books and articles on various topics in the art and history of illustration.

People were invited to join in writing this textbook as lacunae in specialties were identified. HIP is an entity independent of any one school or organization. Leadership has been non-hierarchical and is an organic expression of individuals’ personal interests and drive. From this evolved an organization based on commitment and qualifications.

History of Illustration is the first textbook ever produced for the eponymous undergraduate course typically required of students in illustration, and offered to design, art, and media students as well. It is also the first comprehensive book to address all the major forms of illustration from around the world together.

Susan Doyle (Rhode Island School of Design) is the Editor and has been final arbiter based on input from the other Contributors. Associate Editors are Jaleen Grove (independent scholar) and Whitney Sherman, Director of the MFA in Illustration Practice at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Meeting at Rockwell Museum 2013
        Image: HIP meeting April 2013 at the Norman Rockwell Museum. Photo: Susan Doyle.









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